Bijoux Girl offers a unique selection of luxury fashion jewellery. We aspire to select and bring together exciting new, exciting and amazing designs. As a company we are passionate about jewellery, and with many years of experience, we bring collections that excite. So thank you for taking the time to discover rich colours, interesting textures and beautiful casual glamour.

Excellent Retail Opportunities

Bijoux Girl offers the ability to add another dimension of retail to your existing business. We help you to achieve fantastic sales results by providing a display cabinet and a dynamic mix of fashion jewellery at no cost and without risk. Bijoux Girl manages the stock and maintenance of your cabinet, making sure the risk as well as the complexity of merchandising is left to your account manager.

Featuring the highly successful 'Feathers range of jewellery'.

Choose from a selection of cabinets that suit your location. Increase the number of cabinets, style of cabinet or even the amount of stock that you wish to hold.


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